Update Feb 2nd

Hi all, Since I have not been in contact with anyone I thought I should give you an update. Currently day 27 but it does seem like a lifetime, especially the last week and a half which has been pretty hard core rehab. I have had a few wins like my arm movements are a lot better especially my left hand as I can now scratch my face. My index finger on my left hand has started moving and now the right one too. I can lift my knees a touch and I have slight movement in some of my toes. Keep in mind that this is like me going to the gym and lifting the heaviest weight you can but t is exhausting. This does seem odd for me as I can usually lift the heaviest weights at the gym while the girls stand around clapping.

These may not seem big but these are huge and I am ahead of schedule for the level of injury. I would be a lot more concerned if I didn't have feeling through my whole body and this is coming back daily. I got the news on Wednesday while pumping iron in the gym that I would be moving to the rehab hospital the next day which is great to be moving out of acute care and into rehab. The pain is still very intense through my neck and into my shoulders as these muscles are overcompensating for my whole body but have got weaker since the accident. I need to work on building muscle again. I have got little chicken legs and skinny arms but that is not stopping the ladies looking . I am extremely motivated and non-stop with my rehab and they tell me to slow down a little as you can crash so I rest my finger on the pillow for a breather.

When I was delirious and in quite sever pain in ICU at the start of the month, I requested Mum, Tarsh and Celeste to film it and interview me for a documentary on the journey and ABC heard about it and have asked to interview me tomorrow. I might be the new Andrew Denton!

Mum flew to Melb and picked up Twiggie and I had her here for 3 days last week. My Aunt’s Trisha and Odette where kind enough to help mum pack up my stuff and they showed real potential to start their own removalist business.  Twiggie was quite scared at the start with my neck brace, wheel chair and my arms not working like they used to but before long she was looking after Daddy, feeding me, rubbing cream on me and even sleeping with me. This has been the hardest part of the journey not being with Twiggie everyday but having her with me was the best medicine.

I haven't been in contact with people because I am all about looking forward and focusing on getting better and I know everyone is concerned for me and want to support me but these conversations are harder for me to handle so let’s focus on the good stuff ahead. I know you are all there for me and I really appreciate that. I believe that the only way I will get through this is by the art of positive thinking.

The stay at the rehab they say will be about 5 months. I have been lucky enough to get my own room at the rehab hospital but no guarantees I get to keep it. Days are full on as you are in Occupational Therapy and Physios for an hour each and then I do extra work in the gym and I work on Cheddar Pocket when Celeste comes in after work. I will be shaving my hair for a fund raiser for the leukaemia foundation 'The world’s greatest shave' in March, you may have seen the Ad so I thought I would send you guys my link to sponsor me as when you spend this much time in a hospital you really appreciate the staff and how if I can do something to support kids with leukaemia then I will give it a shot. So stay tuned for the link and I will be sure to send you a video of me having my head shaved just to prove I did it. My full focus at the moment is on rehab and this is a full time gig. I have a huge motivator – my little girl Twiggie and this is what is going to get me walking again! I better go now though, time to play strip bingo with my Physio.

Love you all. Chancelot