July 19th Update

Chance Burns Hey guys, little USA update,They have fixed me and I am heading home!

Landed safe and sound. Started at the Shepherd Centre, Beyond Therapy, on Tuesday and they have had me going like a workhorse. The place and equipment is mind blowing. While I was training yesterday there was a guy playing basketball in a wheel chair who had no legs and forearms since birth and he absolutely owned the basketball court. I will send a video the next time I see him in action as it was awe inspiring. Then there was me in a really cute / slinky leotard, doing stretches on the floor. As they say we have all got our own challenges to overcome.


The training is gruelling but exactly what I need. They have really high expectations of me and pushing me to new levels.

Other than that I am sharing a room with mum a.k.a Sneezy. Why I say this as I have never known anyone to sneeze so much and over the past 6 months of spending so much time with family I have only now come to realise that I come from a long line of sneezers. But mum still insists she doesn't have allergies.

Atlanta itself is even greener than Melbourne and we look forward to seeing more of it when mum gets her international licence.

Once again I want to apologise for not getting back to individual messages although I love receiving them but my hands are still pretty limited and mum is my hands at this stage.

I have been Skyping with Twiggie who asks me "Daddy are they making you better so you can take me to the park?". When I said Twiggie Daddy has to go away and I will miss you terribly, she said "It's OK Daddy we can Skype". OMG she has only just turned 3.

I will put some video updates on www.chanceburns.com.au over the next few weeks.

Ten 4 little buddies!