Chance Burns It has been 42 days, 600 sit-ups and 3000 bad jokes in Atlanta but who is counting? Training has gone from 2 hours a day to 4-5 hours a day as they are working on my ankles, hips, hands, neck, shoulders and I truly believe I am getting great gains but somedays it's never enough.

I had both of my legs put in casts yesterday to help realign my ankles and my left wrist. I only have to wear the casts at night. So me and mum are hitting the bars during the day. In my shrinking world I talk about my mum mainly as I am with here 24 hours a day and it is so fascinating breaking down her world of craziness. She will come running in to the bedroom in the morning and start throwing tablets in my mouth then she grabs my face and starts digging tablets back out of my throat saying oops they are tonights tablets. If this was a one off it wouldn't be much of a story but her belief is that close enough is good enough. I still see her jumping in the passenger side of the car with her keys in hand ready to drive away leaving me on the sidewalk.

Chance Burns Rehab

It's hard being away from Twiggie, family and all my friends. I have been blown away again by another bunch of amazing friends who have thrown together a Victorian Fundraiser/Catch up in Frankston on the 6th October, which will have Auction items and plenty of booze rumour has it. Please see what they have thrown together below. I wish I could be there.

This Sunday ABC Compass, 6.30pm, have done a story on myself and Ann who suffered burns in the Ash Wednesday bush fires 30 years ago. The show is on 'Resilience' and how each of us have dealt with adversity. I haven't seen it yet so hopefully I won't be cringing but I hear Ann's story is amazing.

I hope everyone is well and it's not too cold.